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Requirements For Collectiing And Preparing Horsehair

Wonderful Memories

Hair weaving is a lost art that was once extremely popular in the United States during the Victorian Period. A good artist was able to produce the finest jewelry for all occasions worn by both ladies and gentlemen. Today, Suzanne Storms is one of a handful of hairwork artists that can WEAVE* hair into a variety of beautiful patterns for use in different types of extraordinary jewelry. Suzanne has designed her own precious metal findings to incorporate into her works.

Suzanne specializes is weaving horsehair because of its luster, strength and enduring qualities. Every item is created by hand giving in a distinctive look. Horse owners now have the opportunity to wear a wonderful creation made from the hair of a very special horse.

If you wish to have Suzanne weave an article of jewelry made from your horse's hair then it is important that the following standards are adhered to:


Minimum Hair Requirements For Specific Items Of Jewelry

Bracelet (6/7 mm diameter spiral weave) - One color with up to 4 chains:
200 strands of hair 24 inches long.
Bracelet (6/7 mm diameter spiral weave), two color with up to 6 chains:
150 strands of hair from each color, 24 inches long.
Bracelet (4/5 mm diameter spiral weave):
100 strands, 20 inches long.
Ring, Horseshoe Necklace, Stock Pin:
100 strands, 18 inches long.
Earrings, Cuff Links:
100 strands, 20 inches long.
Necklace with at least one sleeve (4/5 mm diameter spiral weave):
150 strands at least 30 inches long.
Necklace with no sleeve (4/5 mm diameter spiral weave):
150 strands at least 45 inches long.

(Note: 200 strands of hair are smaller than the diameter of a pencil)


Procedure For Collecting Hair

Pull 2 to 3 of the longest strands of tail hair that meet the length requirements above for the item of jewelry. Continue this until you have the quantity needed. This will not hurt the horse.

An alternative method would be to grab hold of 8 to 10 strands of the longest tail hair that meet the length requirements stated above for the item of jewelry. Brush away the short pieces and cut next to the bone. Continue taking from different areas until you have the quantity specified above for the item of jewelry.

You will not notice the missing hairs by suppling only the longest lengths different areas.

  • Be careful so hair does not tangle or knot.
  • Keep hair from more that one horse in separate bundles.
  • Tie one end of each bundle with a rubber band.
  • Coil loosely and place each bundle into a separate plastic bag.
  • Tag or mark each bag with the name of the breed, full name of the horse and nick name of horse. This information will be incorporated into the presentation package.
  • Place bag(s) and order form in large envelope and mail to Suzanne Storms



There is a preparation fee for each order to have horsehair inspected, washed, sanitized, sorted and counted.


* Much of the work done today with horsehair is a result of braiding and knotting and is not used in fine jewelry. Only Suzanne Storms revived a lost art to weave horsehair onto fine jewelry.